"ELPROM EMZ" Ltd. is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for staff, suppliers, subcontractors and visitors, as well as continuous improvement of management programs for preventing damage and injury to achieve the highest possible standards. In the event of damage associated with the operation of the company, it will ensure effective management of claims and assistance for rehabilitation, aimed at supporting injured workers during their illness or injury, and then promote optimal recovery and safe return to work (where possible).

This commitment is in line with the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Law, the applicable regulations and other regulations and requirements of the applicable standards.

1. The Company is committed to providing and maintaining a high standard of health, safety, security and prosperity for all people within the workplace.

  1. The Company recognizes that the health, safety and welfare of its employees are an integral part of the successful operation and therefore considerations of health and safety are a priority in the management, production, design and all supporting functions.
  2. The Company through its senior management will monitor and assess the system for management of health and safety at work to ensure the effectiveness of the process of continuous improvement.
  3. The Company will comply with the legislative requirements (laws, regulations, codes of conduct and national, European and international standards) in developing and implementing policies, procedures and safe systems of work for achieving a healthy, safe and harmless working environment. .
    5. Company by senior management, will promote and maintain an organizational culture that accepts health and safety as an integral part of the management philosophy.
    6. Adequate resources will be allocated for the development and maintenance of the management system for occupational health, safety, welfare and harmlessness of the Company.
    7. Responsibility for health and safety will be clearly defined at all levels of the Company.
    8. Responsibilities and obligations under OHS and relevant reporting will be included in the management plans and execution of all employees.
  4. The Company will implement equitable claims for management of the processes in accordance with the requirements of the Labor Code and other legal requirements. Management actions will include the provision of assistance and rehabilitation which includes early intervention, effective practices for case management and the use of collaborative processes, to enable safe and efficient return to work (where possible).
  5. The principles of health and safety will be included in the operational management practices by incorporating the approaches to risk management in employment, training, research and related functional support.
  6. Supported by top management planning of the OHS will include strategic goals (actions) and measurable objectives (Key performance indicators).
  7. The opportunity for all employees to perform their roles and effectively carry out their duties and individual responsibilities will be given through proper information, instruction, training and supervision on health and safety.
  8. Safe and healthy working environment will be achieved in consultation with staff and representatives for health and safety, as well as through continuous improvement of the management of health and safety.


This policy will be reviewed at least once every three year cycle in order to assess its effectiveness in achieving the objectives and improve the effectiveness of OSH. The recommendations will be reported to the Manager.

Additional information or assistance

Additional information or assistance is available from:

  • The financial department
  • The heads of departments and workshops
  • the senior management

Date of approval: February 1, 2011

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